Roundup of Some Easy Halloween Treats

Hello, October!   I can’t believe you’re here already… but my kids sure can!  And they eagerly await your grand finale – Halloween. : )


I recently came across a quote (can’t even remember where from) about Halloween that I loved … and it said that, once in a while, every child should experience the joy of having all the sweetness that they can hold. And I even think that, sometimes, grownups could use a little extra sweetness too.  Do you agree?  Well, at the very least, it could justify swiping some of the kids’ candy stash! : )


So, while the kids are planning their costumes and the anticipation is building, I have been searching for easy (always a top priority) and fun Halloween recipes, treats, and ideas.


Here are few of my favorites for you to peruse!


From One Charming Party, this easy-to-assemble (and edible!) decoration or table centerpiece. Not sure if my kids could keep their hands off of it, though!  



From The Hostess Blog, I love these little donuts lined up on broomsticks…


and also this easy (and inexpensive) servingware idea for treats … brown paper bags!


The monsters made out of oranges are so cute!



The kids (and I) are always happy to eat marshmallows!  Check out these ideas…

Frankenstein Pops from The Decorated Cookie!



And how about easy s’mores that the kids can help make (check recipe on  BHG)? Yum.



Here’s a silly idea for a Halloween snack mix, seen on Glorious Treats.  Maybe add some candy corn, too?



And, if you want to get fancy and have some extra time to put in, consider this pretty dessert!

Also from Glorious Treats, Candy Corn Cheesecake Mousse !



Happy October, all!
















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