DIY Party Pretties

If you are anything like me when it comes to party planning, you don’t really want to fork out copious amounts of money on decorative items that will possibly be used only once. It’s seems best to reserve your cash for the those big-ticket, essential items on the checklist.  Hence, strategic planning and proper budgeting are key! At the end of the day, you want to have enjoyed the event without the stress and guilt of having overspent!  


(image credit)

An awesome way to effectively defray costs – without the sacrifice of any beauty or charm, of course – is to create the items that you need yourself! It really is possible to come up with lovely party accents using either found items in your home or inexpensive craft store purchases! And…just let me qualify, here… I am NOT a naturally crafty person. I am, therefore, attracted to only fool-proof projects. : )  

Gratefully, there are many helpful tutorials for party pretties to be found on the web.  Here are some of my favorites!


Love this pull-string pinata garland!!  Mostly made from objects you already have!


(images and tutorial found here)


These embellished party straws are so festive!  And, so simple to create using only tape and tissue paper.


(images and tutorial  here)

Another tissue paper project which can be used as either food picks or drink stirrers…


(image and tutorial here)


One more easy option for a DIY food pick…ribbon flags! Sweet Art enjoyed making these for an event recently.


(instructions found here)


Here’s a different twist on decorating with balloons.  Love how it doubles as a colorful garland also!


(fruit balloon instructions)


The image below suggests two fantastic DIYs.  The hostess ordered an unembellished white cake from a bakery (faaar less expensive than ordering a custom cake design!) that she decorated herself with colorful candies. Brilliant. Then she added the very pretty coordinating cake bunting!  The link includes instructions for both. : )



Need another option or additional instructions for a cake bunting?  This “fiesta” version is very sweet.




Last, but certainly not least… make-your-own party hats!  Not as tricky as you might think. : )


(images and tutorial here)


Truthfully, these few ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.  There is a plethora of wonderful suggestions out there that are just begging to be explored, so you can expect more of these DIY suggestions in the future!


Of course, if you’d like to avoid worrying about these little party details altogether, just call us! It’s what we do. : )




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